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An effectively optimized website will have a higher rank, high traffic, better user-experience, lower bounce rates, and good loading speed ultimately converting the potentials visitors into leads. Isn’t that what you look at your business website when you build one?

Any website with a few required changes in it and some off-site work can be brought up in Google rankings. That’s what SEO marketing team of SEO Professionals India does. It is because of their efforts and knowledge we can say that we provide one of the best website optimization in in India. And, with the best SEO services, we are among the top SEO companies.


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We don’t, but our Work Speaks for Us

A step by step website optimization process for your website will bring your website in the best shape ever. A report of each step right from first website analysis to the month end work done report will be sent to you so that you can keep an eye on what we are doing. We believe in being crystal clear in our approach.

Overview of Our Step by Step Website Optimization Process

Step 1

Initial website analysis to see how good or bad your website’s condition is. Your website will be run through a website optimization test based on Google guidelines to see if it is in the best shape it could be or not. Checking the Meta Tags, Canonical URLS, errors, the uniqueness of the content, Alt Tags, URL health, keyword ratio in the content, etc. stuff like that is checked.

Step 2

Based on the test results, various website optimization techniques will be applied to set the on-page of your website. Suggestions based on the analysis will be provided. Once the website is ready to run in the race for the top rankings we will work on the off-page SEO process.

Step 3

Analyzing the competitors’ websites. What they are doing and if they are successful with they are doing or not.

Step 4

Depending on competitor’s analysis and your website analysis keyword research will be conducted and target audience will be suggested.

Step 5

Keeping your niche market’s standards and learning from your competitors’ mistakes we will create effective marketing and advertising strategies. Social Media Management (SMM), Pay Per Click (PPC) may or may not be suggested depending upon the condition of the website/company/social media profiles in the online market.

Step 6

Monthly target is set including total organic traffic, ranking, conversion rate, bounce rate, no. of backlinks, no. of guest posts, etc. Efforts will be made as per the plan of action to achieve the target.

Step 7

Reconsideration of the plan after a month’s performance. And, increasing the targets for the next month

Step 8

Report and Repeat!

Whatever we do, whatever we have listed in our SEO plan is all for your website’s benefits. You will see each of our website optimization procedure doing something good to your website. Some changes will show effective results right when they are applied and some changes will reflect the results later.

One Important Note:

All our techniques are white-hat. There are SEO companies that guarantee you high-rank overnights. That they do with black-hat techniques, which Google doesn’t support and Google finds out (which it will) that your website follows Black-hat SEO techniques, it will penalize your website and you won’t have anything left to do. Search Engine Optimization is an organic process. It’s like watering your plant. It takes time to grow the plant and eat its fruit.

Let us water your plant (website) and feed it with right fertilizers (website optimization techniques) so that it grows and you can eat its tasty and healthy fruits.

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