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SEO company India – Bringing your website to the limelight for the bot n beings.

SEO Professionals India

SEO, since the day the term is introduced, it has grown bigger only, so does the SEO services India sector for that matter. A website is good for the bot and beings only if it has something for both of them.


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Bot (Search Engines) needs

  • Proper keywords (choice & density)
  • Perfect URLs
  • Appropriate Meta Tags
  • Relevant Alt Tags
  • Unique Content
  • Responsive website
  • Let’s settle for these points for now, but the list is very long.

Beings (Human Beings – the real visitors of your website) needs

  • Well sought out structure
  • Good, readable and Informative Content
  • Good Color Proportions
  • The reasons for staying on your website for longer
  • Ease of access
  • Responsive website
  • Security and privacy if money transactions are involved

A website made only for a bot doesn’t do any good and doesn’t build a good user base, same goes for the website made only for Beings because bots don’t find the important things they need to take your website on top rankings.

The solution is having a website that satisfies the needs of both. SEO Professionals India does exactly that. By juxtaposing parameters for both, Search Engine Optimization team of SEO Professionals India prepares a website that’s fit for everybody. Our methods have set the benchmark for other SEO agencies India. That’s why when one talks about the list of top SEO companies in India

Not just that, we take care of things-to-do outside the website to increase its rank. It’s its Social Media Circle.

It could be hard for you to get organic likes and shares on your social media channels when your products are not being advertised by film stars or sports personalities. Well, for Social Media Marketing, you can count on us. Even if you products are related to old-age people, who no longer use social media channels, we can still get your page the potential organic likes and shares across all the social media channels.

Social Media Marketing Tasks At A Glimpse


Daily postings (Mix of general post, promotional post, a news related to the niche of the business and one on trendy topic)

Scheduling posts for different times so we can cover maximum time of the day

Interesting and interactive posts to engage people with the page

Sharing Website Links in promotional posts (Such as blog links or service page link)

Pictorial Posts will be preferred as they have more value than the posts without a picture

Regular eye on the page insights for the plan for next month’s marketing Strategy. Page insights can make huge difference in marketing plan

Replying to the comments of the people on time, responding to the queries increase the trust factor of the brand among the people

Commenting and joining relevant communities and pages to build online circle and relationships with people f the community that can become future potential customers

Rest depends on the genre of the website we are promoting as the same sorts of techniques are not applied to all businesses. Some particular businesses need special attention.

All these efforts and much more from our secret pocket will fetch you more likes and shares. Our combined services make us the complete provider of Search Engine Optimization in India. One contact with us for your website’s development phase till its promotion, and you will never feel the need to contact any other SEO company in India or abroad.  We have covered it all for you.

Our Proven Track Record Speaks For Us

We don’t just do the talking. Our previous projects reflect our hard work and show that we can bring any website, any Facebook or Twitter page up, regardless of the niche of the business.


A Glimpse of the Aftermath


Enhanced brand value
& credibility


Top rankings on highly
competitive keywords


More relevant website



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