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How to convert your existing Website traffic into Leads

All your website visitors do not get converted into leads. You can turn that ratio in your favor by following and applying some helpful tips. Your ace in the whole is display ads. Now, these are termed as display ads, but it is suggested not to present it as an advertisement. The tone of the text in the ad determines that and also where you put it. It is understandable that the main agenda is to sell. But in the ad, don’t just sell, rather, educate.

Let’s talk about the absolute basic – the email subscriptions. You would love to get email subscriptions daily and that you can get by not chanting ‘subscribe me’, ‘subscribe me’. It’s a subtle art. Let’s show you how it is done.

1. Whom to Send Emails!

Point 1


Do you read all the promotional emails you receive? Let’s just say, you read 50% of all of those emails, how many links you actually open and see what’s in it?

If you don’t bother seeing those links how you can expect the people to whom you send your promotional links would actually visit your link and become a worthy customer later. It’s an old school technique and doesn’t fetch you enough leads. This technique is like fighting a duel with both the hands tied behind your back these days.

Hit the reverse road! Instead of sending emails to your list of potential clients, send to those who really matter to your business and interested what you put online and that you do via a subscription button on your website at various places. So that your emails go to only those from whom they matter the most.

Read Nichole Kelly’s review on this tip.

2. Notification Bar

point 2


The full-width wide banners on top of your website, that’s the notification bar of you can say table for the diners and you are the restaurant owner. Serve something good to your customers that they would surely eat. Notification bar grabs attention as it is on the top position and near the “pop-up blocked” bar.

Don’t just say subscribe us! Or hit the subscribe button. Instead, say “get my free xyz guide” or “get the free xyz tips delivered to you, daily, weekly or monthly’.

Know what Digital Deepak has to say about this.

3. Landing Pages

point 3


Effective landing pages and lead generation go hand in hand.

Let’s just say you have written an ebook about the best recipes or social media tips, what you do is share in the blog from the snippets of the content you have written in the ebook, then you pitch to find more or read this in detail in this ebook, or get the full version of this in my latest ebook get your copy now, etc. The text you sharing online must be helpful. It should solve the question most of the people have in mind and that is “is it helpful to me in any way?”

Here are some tips for your landing pages

1 To the point and catchy headline.

2 A clear call to action at the end

3 Focused to one point. Have a single objective.

4 Avoid long paragraphs. Use bullet points or list form. It increases readability.

5 Don’t just sell, but provide information to your visitors/readers.

Read 23digital’s Piyush Katodiya’s take on this.

4. Your Pop-Ups On Your Pages

point 4


Adding icing to the cake is adding your pop ad on your page. It might be termed as an ad, but you don’t present it like an advertisement. Just follow the principle of politeness and providing information to the visitors.

Take this for instance “Don’t miss the trendy marketing tips!”

If you are running a food website then “just taste the last dessert before you leave”

And below you place the “enter your mail” and subscribe button.

Here’s the link to the website from where you can get your pop-up plugin. Read how this plugin works and how you can benefit from it.

Popup Domination

5. Opt-In Forms Below The Post

point 5

This is where the iron is red hot and you need your best strike on it. After the reader is gone through with your post and he really likes it there is a chance that he comments on it and right before the comment section you put an opt-in form that should say something like “if you enjoyed reading this post, get updates for more. It’s free!”

6. The Welcome Redirects

point 6


Put your best foot forward or the best offer forward whenever any visitor visits your web page for the first time. It’s a onetime shot. Don’t repeat this with regular visitors. Websites with welcome redirects have shown an increase in their traffic getting converted into leads. Use this redirect technique and see what difference it can make to your conversions.

See how it works on Quicksprout. They also offer their welcome redirect plugin product.

7. The ‘Not Bye-Bye Yet’ Offer Pop-Up

point 7


We name it the last pop-up because it is quite the last try for you to let your visitor subscribe to your newsletter or anything. This pop-up appears when a visitor is about to leave the page or a visitor scrolls through a web-page. When it happens, a pop-up appears right then asking your visitor to subscribe or to avail the new offer. This keeps the visitor on your page for a longer time.

Picreel presents such software. See the software plugin working live on their website. If you like it, have it on your website too.

Summarizing the blog, take a look at This Page.

The guy is sharing tips to turn website traffic into customers. He shared 5 straight tips and in the sixth one, he put the link of his own ebook. That’s how to present your ebook to your visitors. He’s not selling it straight.


This is just one example. Whenever you visit a webpage now, measure the webpage’s effectiveness as per lead generation. See whether it has the welcome redirect, the ‘not bye-bye yet’ plugin (as we love to say), the opt-in forms, the sidebar form or the notification bar. Also, note the language they use in those places. The amateur ones would say “subscribe us now!”The experienced ones would have written “Read this in detail. Get updates. It’s Free!”

You can know by our reference links that all the experts are recommending these tips. So, you dare not to ignore them if you want to turn your website traffic into leads. Try these techniques. Run a test phase and see for yourself the increase in your conversion rates.

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Dev Patel
April 18, 2016 Reply

They say money is in the list. Probably, the best way to covert existing traffic into lead is to turn them into a loyal email subscriber and then convert them. Exit traffic strategy is also something very useful.

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