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How to ADD,Verify & Manage Business Locations in Bulk

There are millions of Businesses which have a physical presence in multiple locations. It is highly recommended to get your multiple business locations verified for better local presence. It helps in getting quality traffic from multiple locations. If your business has 10 or more locations it can be added,verified & manged in bulk,if it meets Google My Business quality guidelines

The first and foremost step is to create Google account which gives access to products like Gmail,Google+,Youtube etc. It is recommended to use an email address with your business domain. For example, a business website is www.domain.com the business email address will be you@domain.com.

The next step is to create a business account to manage multiple business locations. It also allows you to share management of your locations with multiple users & run location-based ad campaigns. For creating a business account visit Google My Business Locations & click on the top left corner of the page & click on create a business account. Enter your business name and click done.

Once you have created the business account, sign in to Google my Business here you will see options to upload and verify multiple locations in bulk. It will show Download Template which will give you a blank spreadsheet containing only fields that need to be filled for every location. There is also an option to Download sample spreadsheet which is like a demo sheet. The “fields” in this sheet are already being completed.
The “fields” that needs to be filled in the spreadsheet are

  • Store code
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Primary phone
  • Additional phones
  • Website
  • Primary category
  • Additional categories
  • Hours
  • Photos
  • Description
  • Labels
  • AdWords location extensions phone

Store Code – Unique ID is given to each of your location so that changes are applied accurately in your account.
Must be Unique for Every Location
Should be under 60 characters of length
Should not contain any special characters like <,>
Should not contain any leading or trailing spaces

Business Name
The business name that will appear on the Google SERP. The business name should exactly be same as it appears in the offline world. It should be under 60 characters.

In the address section the first line will include a street number,name,Suite number,floor,building number etc.For each location, you can have up to 5 address lines and max 80 characters per line.

The neighborhood where business is located also referred as “district” previously.

The city or town where business is located

Administrative Area
State or province where business is located.

Postal Code
In some countries, it is called as Zip code,Pin code. Generally, it begins with zero.

Latitude and longitude
Latitude and longitude help in placing new locations on the map. It is only used when the location is first created in Google my Business. Google will only use latitude and longitude when it is having a problem in locating the address on Map.

Primary Phone
Here the primary phone is the business number a customer can call to reach your business. It can either be landline or Mobile number. One can add additional 2 phone numbers apart from a primary phone number.Fax numbers are not allowed.

The complete root domain associated with the business.

Primary Category
The category section represents the nature of business. The category should be same for all the locations.If your business has multiple locations ex Sub-brands, multiple departments,different types of operations ex retail,distribution center,this rule only applies within each of these sub groups. Make sure to use few categories for describing the overall business. It should be as specific as possible and should fully represent business. The keywords should not be used in the category. If you cannot find your category try to choose one that is more general. Google can also detect category from your website or from other sources around the web.

Additional Categories
You can also add upto 9 categories that represent your business.
One can enter hours for each day for a particular week in their respective column. It can be entered in 24 hours format.

Add photos once the location is verified otherwise your photo will not be saved for unverified location. Once the location is verified add your business photos by including the URL to the relevant photo column of the spreadsheet. The photos uploaded should meet the Google guidelines.

A short paragraph where you describe your business within 200 characters limit.

Labels help in organizing locations into groups. One needs to assign 10 unique labels for each location. It can be upto 50 characters long. When you search for a particular label in the search box, it will show all locations that contain that label along with those locations as well which contain your search text in the different field. For ex location 1 has label “high traffic and location 2 has the label “low traffic” 7 has address line “123 high street”. Searching “High” will show both the locations

Adwords location extensions phone
The phone number used in your location extension ad in Adwords. Location extension based ad can show different numbers from those used for Google maps. It can be same or different from a primary phone number.

It is highly recommended to know the common issues that can delay that bulk verification process.

Importing Your Bulk Spreadsheet
Once you have added or updated all the location information in the spreadsheet whether you are importing for the first time or made changes to your existing location information you are ready to import the file.
Click on Import locations from a file. When you import the file you will see the preview of changes that will be made to your account.


It contains the following information

  • Highlighting possible mistakes in the spreadsheet
  • File Name of the uploaded spreadsheet
  • Bar Chart Highlighting your changes or a message that there was no change
  • Summary of affected Locations
  • Also, it contains Download button,for downloading the spreadsheet containing the changes.

The last step is to send a request for bulk verification of 10 or more locations across Google products like Maps & search. Once bulk verification is done successfully your all the updates to locations are eligible to appear on Maps & other Google properties.

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