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17 Natural Link Building Techniques without Guest Posting

Every SEO expert knows that building high quality inbound links requires hard as well as smart work. The continuous algorithm updates has made life hard for webmasters & bloggers. Search engines rank websites higher on SERP purely on the basis of quality of natural inbound links. The more quality inbound links you build the higher will be the organic rankings of the website.

The natural or organic backlink profile will make the website penguin safe. A big question how to build natural backlinks?. Building natural inbound links doesn’t require rocket science.It’s all about how you provide value to your readers & get the community involved. Many top SEO firms link Moz.com is doing this perfectly through their content marketing strategy.

Natural Inbound Links can do two great things

  • Natural inbound links can drive quality traffic to your website or blog.

  • It also helps you rank higher in search engines as authority websites naturally links back to your blog or website.

Techniques for Building Links Naturally

Building Evergreen Content

It is like hitting the bulls eye. An evergreen content can continuously generate high-quality backlinks for the website.It not only helps in generating the links but also generates quality traffic. Building such content requires a lot of research and time. The first step for building evergreen content starts by searching most often search terms with the help of keyword planner tool. For example Moz The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building is a perfect example of evergreen content generating thousands of natural links and traffic.

Building & Maintaining Blog with Great Content

Google loves websites that have a dedicated blog. By just integrating a blog will not serve any purpose. If you have a blog then it is important to keep publishing high-quality Articles on a regular basis. Analyze the search queries in Google search console that will give you an idea about the keywords users are searching. Also you can take help of keyword planner for searching the potential keywords.

The next step is to make a catchy title that can attract the attention of readers. There are some tools which can help you in making title such as




Once you have the keywords and title start with content writing and post on your website blog regularly. Once posted try to share on social media networks this will help in getting the content promoted.

Use of Infographics

Infographics is a great way for building links naturally. Try to build high-quality infographics with the help of designers and publish the same on your website blog with some content. Also embed the code for your infographic,so that if anyone wants to share your visual content it can be done by just copying and pasting the code. The embedded image will automatically link back to your site.

Now creating an embed code has become easy,thanks to Siege Media’s Embed Code Generator.

By Publishing Helpful Resource List

A good resource list always builds links naturally. A quality resource list can be like “List of DoFollow Forums to Increase Backlinks “, “200+ Authority Domains Accepting Backlinks”, “Free social media tools” etc. By creating high quality resource page anybody can build links naturally.


This is one of the techniques were you can get links naturally from government and educational institutions. First you need to come up with the scholarship idea.Once you have the idea, create the scholarship page on your website.Then find universities and high schools who list scholarship on their website. Then reach out to them and ask them to link to your website so that students can apply to your scholarship.

Check out Whitespark post on how to get scholarship links

Job Listing

There are many high authority job listings websites from where you can get the link by offering a job. There are many job boards that exists over Internet.

Contests & Giveaways

By building an online content one can attract lot of natural links. Build a contest page in your website and promote the same on social media channels. Check out this contest page as an example . Please refer to ultimate Guide to Running Online Competitions by Matthew for setting up the contests.

Influencer Interviews

Doing interviews of popular personalities can definitely get you tons of natural links. A great post on Smartblogger will provide a complete guide on how to interview influencer

High Quality Case Study

A great case study about one of your client can fetch lot of traffic and links. A case study by Robbie Richards is a great example where it fetched quality links and traffic.

Link Roundup

These are curated blog updates that link to their favorite content during a given time period. Find these opportunities and send them email pitch,asking them to link to your piece of content in next roundup.

This techniques can get you high authority links if you have great piece to share. Check ryan stewart Article on link roundup

Unlinked mentions

Try to find those websites which mention your brand but doesn’t give a reference link to your website. The tools that can help in finding the brand mentions are

Google alerts



Skyscraper Technique

A brian Dean’s method, find a great piece of content that has acquired tons of links and create a better version of the same content. Send the mail to sites that are linking to that content.

Take the help of buzzsumo tool to find the content that has acquired tons of social shares and inbound links.

HARO Technique

It is a technique where reporters sign up to it and submit request for comments and opinions from experts. This gives a chance of getting high authority links. Once you signup,you’ll be getting three emails daily and these are broken down into categories. Find your category emails and try send your opinion or comment ASAP. a CASE STUDY by Christopher Gimmer on HARO technique will definitely help you in using this technique

Building Links with Expired Content

This technique is similar to broken link building technique but it is a combination of broken link building technique and building links with expired content. This technique involves re-using the expired domain content and posting the same on my domain.Find the high authority domains within your niche and try to find broken links using screaming frog or run xenu. Check what type of content was with the help of archive.org. Copy the content and re-use the same content in your domain. The last step is to contact the webmasters that were linking to that page.

Hacked Link Building

It is another version of broken link building technique where you find hacked sites and analyze the inbound links and finally do the outreach. The First Guide to Hacked Link Building will help you in understanding this technique.

Invite/hire authority Guest Bloggers

This is one of the most effective technique to get natural links.It is also known as link bait technique. Find the authority bloggers in your niche using follower-wonk tool. Create an email template and start with the outreach.


When some really important news broke out about your industry or unrelated to your industry and you start writing the blog post about that news and launch a social media campaign,Press release & other online marketing activities then you’re a newsjacker. For example whenever Google comes with a new algorithm update and the popular SEO blogs like Moz,Searchengineland,SEOroundtable publish that news on their blog and promote the same through various online marketing activities. Please read a complete guide about newsjacking

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